Att lära genom livsberättelser

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Peter Karlsudd


It is known that life stories as well as research based on this kind of texts can provide university students with a deep and broad theoretical understanding. In the present study, a life story is compared with the research literature that does not use this type of texts as a method in education and research. The purpose is to discuss the possibilities and limitations in the choice of special education course literature. The problem investigated and discussed is how to describe similarities and differences between a life story and research based on other methods. Furthermore, the life story is reviewed for its possibilities to exemplify, deepen and clarify research results presented in literature where life stories have not been used. The life story that is analyzed in this study involves a father’s perception and experience of being a parent of a child with a developmental disorder. The results of the study show that an instructional design such as this, should create good conditions for giving the student general and specific knowledge in the fields where the life story is applied. The combination of two knowledge-­‐seeking methods can complement each other and, in this way, provide deeper understanding for the practicum that the students will undertake later.

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Peter Karlsudd, Linnéuniversitetet

Professor, Linnéuniversitetet