Valet, varat och varan en studie av gymnasievalets logiker och praktiker

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Martin Harling


This paper maps and examines how Swedish student subjects are constructed in the process of their upper secondary school choice. Elaborating on the "Logics perspective" (Lundgren, 2012), focus group interviews with 56 students in 9th grade are analyzed in terms of social logics which account for rules and common-­sense on one hand, and fantasmatic logics explaining how the stu-­‐ dents are "gripped" by a school-choice-ideology on the other (Glynos & Howarth, 2007). The result shows that student’s speech is structured by a choice-logic that may evoke both hope and fear; an existential-logic, constructing the students to become, or to be more of what they already are; and a commodity-­logic that constructs the students to invest in and to value themselves and their peers as human capital. The paper concludes that the current upper secondary school choice system reproduces inequality through these (hegemonic) social logics, which neutralizes social conflicts in the name of individual choices.

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Martin Harling, Göteborgs universitet

Fil. dr., Göteborgs universitet