Musikalitetens roll i teaterpedagogiken Konstnärlig kunskapsbildning genom intermediala begreppslån

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Sven Bjerstedt


Artistic research is a comparatively new academic field, displaying multiple epistemological and methodological approaches. Through a concrete exemplification, this article studies how knowledge formation and learning may take place in artistic fields by way of intermedially borrowed concepts. The prominent use of the concept of ’musicality’ as a prestige word in the field of spoken theatre is investigated, analysed and discussed through a hermeneutic approach, based on extensive qualitative interviews with artists and educators in this field. In conclusion, the cognitive and normative functions of this usage are pointed out as urgent themes for future educational research.

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Sven Bjerstedt, Lunds universitet

Universitetslektor, Teaterhögskolan i Malmö, Lunds universitet